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Peak Climbing:

Peak Climbing is an adventurous activity in high altitude which usually needs both technically and physically challenging activities. The Government of Nepal has identified 1310 peaks over 6000 metres with top 8 highest peaks out of 14 in the world. Currently, 326 peaks in Nepal have been open for peak climbing and mountaineering by The Government of Nepal.


Expedition known as mountaineering in Nepal is one of the most challenging and adventurous tourism activities in a mountainous country Nepal. Nepal has various Mountain expeditions including the eight top peaks out of fourteen in the world. No doubt, Nepal is the best destination for the courageous mountaineers and adventure seekers. AlpineTrav Treks and Expedition Company provides its best service with experienced climbing Sherpa Guides in very negotiable price.

€ 2,400
€ 6,500
€ 12,500
€ 15,500
€ 16,500
€ 2,560
€ 2,400
€ 3,200
€ 2,350
€ 1,800
€ 2,190
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