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Best Time to Visit Sikkim Vs Darjeeling

If you are planning to come to the Himalayan region for trekking, the weather is certainly one of the important factors to consider. We have listed all our trips here and the best times to visit throughout the year. This will help you decide on the right trip at the right time!

Autumn (September – November)

This is the best time to trek in the Himalayan region and choose the tourist season. The weather is pleasant with clear blue skies. During this season one can enjoy the panoramic view of natural disasters. As the chances of natural calamities decrease, it can be considered as a safe season to trek. This is also the season when some local cultural festivals like Dashain and Diwali are celebrated in Nepal, Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Spring (March-May)

The temperature in the Himalayan region is mild and it is also the perfect season for flowering species like rhododendron and magnolia as there are ample opportunities to enjoy the Himalayan range. The temperature ranges between 11-19°C during the day and 2-10°C at night.

Winter Season (December – February)

In the Himalayan region, the weather is cold in winter and the skies are clear with occasional snowfall at altitudes above 3,500 meters. In winter, the Himalayan region freezes and snows. Trekking at altitudes above 4000 meters can be challenging as the trail can be covered with snow. This season is also available for those who want to enjoy low altitude trekking. The temperature in the Himalayan region will be minus 18 degrees Celsius, in the hilly regions it will be zero to 5 degrees and in the Terai region it will be 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Summer, Monsoon (June-August)

In summer, the weather is essentially cloudy in the morning and rainy in the afternoon and evening. Trekking is very uncomfortable because the trekking test is muddy, wet, and leech-infested. You are at risk of injury on wet terrain. Moreover, there is a high probability of natural disasters; Landslides occur especially in hilly areas. The monsoon temperature range is around 15-22°C during the day and 7 to -1°C at night.

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