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Tour in Nepal is the best choice for your vacation along with your colleagues, family or alone. The unlimited touristic activities available in best affordable fees make Nepal the exotic touring destination. Ever since the commercial tourism started in Nepal the tourists from round the globe flocked to see this mystic land. The presence of 8 highest peaks above 8000m height and second richest country in terms of water resources make Nepal the paradise for the adventure tour activities. The activities Tours in Nepal like Bungy Jump, White Water Rapids RaftingParagliding, Boating, Trekking and Peak Climbing can be done along with the Jungle Safari encountering numerous endangered species. The natural abundance of hills, forests, mountains, waterfall and rivers make Nepal the paradise for the natural tour. While the natural attractions of Nepal amaze the tourists, Cultural and traditional aspects too hypnotize.

The best trekking and travel time in Nepal is after the monsoon and winter which is the middle of September and middle December. During these months the climate is very pleasant which is neither hot nor cold or rainy and the weather is clear with views of encompassing mountains and Himalayas. The seasons after winter are the best time for trekking in the Himalayas while the spring season is the best time to climb mountains to experience the lush forest with blooming flowers and fresh green nature in the encompassing region. The seasons of Nepal are categorized into four seasons: Spring  (March, April, May). Summer – (June, July, August)Autumn – (September, October, November)Winter – (December, January and February). The spring season is taken as the best season for trekking, mountain climbing, and higher altitude climbing. The Summer season is the rainy period in Nepal so this season is not suitable for trekking but it is best to travel in rain shadow regions like an upper mustang, Dolpo where there is no rainfall. Autumn is the best trekking season in Nepal.

In summary (summer/winter) seasons are the ideal seasons to travel in low altitude regions while the spring and autumn seasons are the ideal seasons for travel in mountains and high altitude regions. Our company offers pre-packaged trekking and travel destinations for those who are wishing for a memorable trip to Nepal. We will also prepare customized trekking and travel packages at the request of clients.

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