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With changes in plans due to COVID-19 and many uncertainties associated with overseas travel, we are offering a flexible booking policy to give you complete peace of mind. Book your desired trip by paying a 20% deposit and pay the balance only on arrival in Kathmandu.

If you cannot join the trip or are forced to postpone the trip due to safety issues, we will use you on future departure dates. Your deposit will not be forfeited and there will be no charge for rescheduling the trip. When you book with us you have the flexibility to change your travel plans. So inform the travel plans and we will adjust your request accordingly.

√ Flexible payment
Book your trip by paying a 20% deposit at the time of booking and pay the remaining 80% balance only after arrival in Kathmandu.

√ Flexible deposit
If for any reason you wish to reschedule your trip for future dates, we will provide you with your deposit to be used on future departure dates. But any cancellation fees charged to us by accommodation providers, airlines, travel agents, or third-party tour and transportation operators will be deducted from the trip deposit. Any revaluation fee charged by us will not be applicable.

√ Book with confidence
AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions is a fully licensed adventure company based in Jorpati Kathmandu, Nepal. This means your money will be 100% safe.

Book with confidence FAQs

What is a book with confidence?
Which gives you the flexibility to adapt to the unexpected situations you book with us. You can book your holiday with us and you are free to make your holiday travel dates.

Is traveling to Nepal safe?
Yes, we are closely monitoring the Himalayan region of Nepal to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Safety is always a priority for us and we will evaluate every factor involved before operating a trip.

How can I make a booking?
We have made the booking process as simple and easy as possible. Arrange your holiday, select travel style, and please contact us at info@alpinetrav.com and we will guide you accordingly.

What about payment?
We accept payment via wire transfer. For wire transfer, our bank details are not mentioned here which will be immediately available via email once you proceed with the BOOKING process. You can make the final payment in cash upon arrival in Kathmandu. Please note that we discourage payment by credit card as this incurs an additional service charge which we do not include in the cost of your trip.

What if the trip is postponed?
If the trip is forced to be postponed for any reason, we will notify you immediately and help you reschedule the trip for another date. You can choose another travel date as per your schedule and we will adjust everything accordingly. If we postpone your trip, there will be no additional fees or cancellation fees. Your travel deposit will be fully transferred to the next travel date. However, we cannot be responsible for any charges incurred for cancellation of international flight tickets, visa, insurance etc. for travel postponement.

What if I can’t travel after my booking is confirmed?
If you are unable to travel after booking, we will help you reschedule the trip for another date. There are no additional fees or cancellation fees that we will charge for rescheduling a trip but any cancellation fees we charge accommodation providers, airlines, travel agents, or third-party tour and transportation operators will be deducted from the trip. Likewise, we cannot be responsible for international flight tickets, visas, insurance, or any fees incurred due to cancellations due to travel delays.

What insurance do I need?
We recommend that you obtain travel insurance before embarking on any trip. The general rules for choosing insurance remain the same and now, you need to ensure that your insurance also offers protection against COVID. Also, due to the uncertainty of travel due to COVID-19, we recommend that you purchase insurance that provides travel protection.

What if I get COVID-19 during trip?
If you contract COVID-19 during travel, you will be quarantined with appropriate care and medical assistance available. We will coordinate with local authorities, tourism boards and your country’s embassy/consulate to get you to the nearest COVID-19 treatment facility. We will help you with everything and make every arrangement. You will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result. So, make sure your insurance provides coverage against COVID-19.

Do you provide masks and sanitizers?
Your guide will carry a mask and sanitizer during the tour but we recommend you bring your own. and will.

What if I test positive for COVID in the last hour before travel?
If you test positive for any reason or in the last hour before travel, we will reschedule your trip for another date at no charge. But in the last hour of travel, if there are expenses, we will deduct those unrecognized costs and the balance will be credited to your next travel date.

Trip booking information

We have made the booking process as simple as possible. Please fill the form and send your flight details Kathmandu airport arrival, passport photocopy and 2 passport size photos to us via email. And we will send back the completed form via email attachment. And your trip is guaranteed to be confirmed once we receive a signed copy of the booking form and the trip deposit (20% of the trip cost) from you. Rest of the money when you arrive in Kathmandu pay us before trekking departure.

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