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Nepali food is delicious with a unique style of taste. It also reflects different cultures and traditions. Nepali cuisine uses various spices and flavors such as ginger, garlic, coriander, chillies, cumin, chillies, mustard oil, ghee and sometimes yak butter. The most famous Nepali dishes are as follows.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

Dal, rice, and vegetables are the staple food eaten by all Nepalis across the country. Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices served with boiled rice known as bhat. Vegetable curry is – various vegetables mixed with spices and curry powder to taste.

Gundruk – Dhido

This food is popular among Nepali people and tourists. It is also a sugar free dish made from wheat, corn and dried green vegetables. The food is high in nutritional content and also satisfies the taste buds. Gundrook is a dried and fermented green vegetable leaf. It is usually prepared as a soup by adding beans and potatoes. Dhido is made from wheat or maize.

Alu – Tama

Alu Tama (Alu Tama) literally means ‘potato bamboo piece’. This is a unique and classic Nepali curry flavored dish. It is unique in the sense that it is different from any other Indian or South Asian curry as they use less bamboo shoots. Similarly, the Chinese, like other East Asian cuisines, use bamboo shoots but not curry spices.

Vegetable Pulao (Fried Nepali Rice)

Vegetable pulao is a popular way of serving rice in Nepali households at feasts and events. It is flavored with turmeric and cumin. This rice is especially famous among tourists who prefer to eat it with curd and Manchurian.


Masu is spicy or curry meat (usually chicken, mutton, buffalo or pork) with gravy. Served with rice, it is a main course dish, very popular in Nepal.


Chatmari is famous as Nepali pizza. It is a bread made from rice flour with or without toppings (meat, eggs, some vegetables like tomatoes, onions, green chillies, coriander etc.). It has a great taste that is considered by tourists as a good and healthy alternative to pizza.


Momo is a type of dumpling usually made from a dough filled with beef-buffalo, chicken and pork and vegetables. It is commonly found in almost every restaurant, hotel and motel in Nepal and is mainly eaten as an appetizer. This dish is very popular in almost every corner of Nepal.

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