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Nepal is a small country located in South Asia but it is a world in itself as it is rich in naturally and culturally. It is one of the most popular travel destinations for the tourists all over the world. The Himalayas of Nepal consists of eight of the ten highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest, the highest of the world. However, there is much more to Nepal than just Mt. Everest and its minions. Mighty rivers tumble down from the Himalaya offering world class rafting opportunities and the plains of the Terai are dotted with jungle reserves that shelter some of Asia’s most exotic wildlife. Indeed, the breathtaking biotic diversity that can be found here has given the country a natural affluence matched by few places on this earth. Nepal is a gateway to adventure in Tibet and Bhutan. Due to the best geographical distribution and variation in altitude, very rare species of flora and fauna are found here.

Nepal’s cultural heritage is unique. A rich culture, different types of ethnic groups, Peculiar tradition, innocent and friendly people are the precious ornaments of this nation. So a person who steps on this land will definitely goes back to his home with some wonderful memories. The breathtaking landscapes, snow capped peaks, fantastic eye catching panoramic view are major attractions in Nepal. The Kathmandu valley with temples, shrines and other monuments packed into its nook and cranny as well as its arts and crafts, architecture and the year round celebrations that mark numerous festivals is the cultural hub of the nation. The practices and beliefs of the diverse communities living elsewhere in the Kingdom have added extra colour and flavour to Nepal’s vibrant culture.
Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular tourism activities in Nepal. Nepal has three major and popular trekking regions: Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking, beside them other trekking trails such as Kanchenjunga region trekking, Makalu region trekking, Manaslu region trekking, Ganesh Himal region trekking, Rolwaing region trekking, Panch pokhari trekking, Dhaulagiri trekking, Mustang region trekking, Narphu valley trekking, Sailung trekking, etc. are also popular among the trekkers. Undoubtedly, Nepal is the best destination for the trekkers who are looking for varied tastes. AlpineTrav Treks and Expedition has been managing the adventure trekking trip in Nepal as per the interest and requirement of the tourists.

Adventurous Tourism Activities

Nepal is one of the best destinations for adventurous tourism activities like adventure trekking, rock climbing, peak climbing and mountaineering, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, cannoning, jungle safari and much more which are more popular among adventure lovers all over the world. The geographical and natural diversity and a wide range of exotic culture make Nepal an ideal place for trekking and exploration.


Started back in 2007, paragliding has been the most desired of sports in Pokhara. The flights take off from Sarangkot 1,592 m (5,223 ft) and land on the heart of tourists’ haven — Lakeside, Pokhara. With flying experts hailing from different parts of the world and their years of experience in-hand, it is assured to be the best time of your life on air.


Rafting is an adventurous tourism activity, and Nepal is the best destination as there are many fast flowing rivers like Marsyangdi River and Trishuli. Rafting in the rivers of Nepal offers an exciting experience. The tourists who want to make their tour memorable in life must experience rafting in the rivers of Nepal.

Rock Climbing:

Rock climbing is a common form of sports in Nepal. With commercialization of mountain climbing, the sport has flourished like anything. Climbing enthusiasts, including local inhabitants, enjoy the sport throughout the year.One can enjoy climbing rocks in some of the most exotic and least explored northern regions of Nepal. Also, an amateur course is provided to anyone doing mountain climbing in Nepal.

Mountain Biking:

This small South Asian nation is home of the Himalaya. The basic landscapes include from high Himalaya, hills to flat Terai.Biking on the hills of Nepal can be a very adventurous experience. The uneven hilly terrains facilitate best mountain biking experience along with cultural excursions of varying ethnic tribes residing in the hills.

Bungee Jumping:

Located near the Nepal-China border, Bhote Koshi is the ultimate place for bungee jump enthusiasts. The first and may be the only bungee jump site, it is located just above the Bhote Koshi river at an elevation of 160 m (525 ft), making it the 2nd highest bungee jump site in the world. The cost is inexpensive and tourists can also try other forms of extreme sports during their visit – Swing, canyoning, white water rafting etc.

Snow Skiing:

The Himalayas facilitate a unique snow skiing experience. One of the elitist sports, skiing was first introduced by the Europeans in Nepal. Unlike the alps of Europe, the Asian Himalaya can be quite unique for skiing. Fairly a new sport in Nepal and organized only during winter, one can enjoy Alpine, Freestyle and Boarder cross styles of skiing.

Whitewater Kayaking:

Similar to river rafting, whitewater kayaking is another popularly known water sport in Nepal. With unimaginable high grades of rivers, one can enjoy the most adventurous sort of kayaking in Nepal.

Jungle Safari:

Jungle safari in Nepal can be a great holiday as it offers an opportunity to the close view of nature and wildlife. Nepal’s rich bio-diversity makes it ideal as an eco-tourism destination. The Tropical jungle of the Terai deserves to be just as famous for wildlife sanctuary for safari. It has one of the best wildlife habitats in the subcontinent making it ideal for jungle safari activities. So far, 9 National Parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas and 1 hunting reserve have been established in Nepal. The area of National parks and wildlife reserves is mainly covered by Sal forest. This is a good balanced mixture of grassland, savannah and riverside forest. It is here that visitors will see most of the great variety of wildlife. The safari package we offer normally includes elephant ride safari or jeep drive, canoe rides, nature walks, birds watching.

AlpineTrav, Treks and Expeditions manages all adventurous activities in Nepal so feel free to contact us.

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7 Days - 6 Nights
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Day Hiking with Home-stay

Hiking in Nepal is unique experience as Nepal is a hiker’s paradise. Nepal hiking tours is an opportunity to see the beauty of land and experience the warmth of its people. When you involve hiking in Nepal the lush green orchards, beautiful woodland, picturesque sites, beautiful flora and fauna familiar with you. Hiking in Nepal is fun as you can enjoy the scenery around you as you walk around the ups and downs of rural or wild areas of Nepal. One day hiking offers the hikers with the opportunity to visit countryside during their stay in Nepal. Hiking in foot hills of Himalayas is an impeccable way to explore the magnificent views of Himalayas. It is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments. Hiking holiday is suitable for those who have short holiday and would like to visit the hilly region or the foothills of the mountains. Hiking in Nepal can be done on Himalayan trails that enable you to explore a great variety of landscapes. There are splendid places in Nepal around the Kathmandu Valley which offer great hiking options. This section concentrates one day hikes, and many of these can be easily done as a weekend day-trip. Hikers are not required to have any previous experience. Our experience hiking guides will assist you on hiking trails to make your hiking easier, better and amazingly unforgettable.


To engage with local people and delve into the heart of a country’s culture, staying
at a family homestay is the best way to experience Nepali rural life. This gives you things that a night in a hotel can never provide. You get to see the real side of the place, experience local life and connect with like-minded people. Staying in a homestay can also help provide a vital source of revenue in struggling economies. In particular, your hostesses benefit hugely, not only from the additional cash but from enhanced self-esteem and the opportunity to learn new skills.

There are home Stays for short periods (one night or a weekend) and for longer periods. Homestay is the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. In homestay, you get opportunity to experience the local life. You will be provided with local organic food stuffs. You get a warm welcome and greetings in homestay. You will be treated as a family member. You can get a golden opportunity to experience the local culture, tradition, languages and the local people’s lifestyle. You get a full enjoyment in the homestay. Thus, you get to know the local area, lifestyle, occupation and many more around you very closely. It is a unique opportunity based mostly in villages and away from urban towns.

€ 650

7 Days - 6 Nights
€ 950

10 Days - 9 Nights
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1 Day - 1 Night
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2 Days - 1 Night
€ 1,350

14 Days - 13 Nights
€ 1,250
€ 650

6 Days - 5 Nights
€ 1,050

11 Days - 10 Nights
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Peak Climbing and Expedition

Peak Climbing:

Peak Climbing is an adventurous activity in high altitude which usually needs both technically and physically challenging activities. The Government of Nepal has identified 1310 peaks over 6000 metres with top 8 highest peaks out of 14 in the world. Currently, 326 peaks in Nepal have been open for peak climbing and mountaineering by The Government of Nepal.


Expedition known as mountaineering in Nepal is one of the most challenging and adventurous tourism activities in a mountainous country Nepal. Nepal has various Mountain expeditions including the eight top peaks out of fourteen in the world. No doubt, Nepal is the best destination for the courageous mountaineers and adventure seekers. AlpineTrav Treks and Expedition Company provides its best service with experienced climbing Sherpa Guides in very negotiable price.

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Sightseeing & Mountain Heli Tour

Nepal is a naturally and culturally beautiful country. Extending from the plain Terai in the south to the high Himalayas in the north, with everything from snow-capped mountains and vast grasslands to dense tropical forests, Nepal is proved to be one of the world’s most ecologically diverse tourism destinations. In addition to cultural diversity, historical and religious sites are the attractions for the tourists.

Mountain Heli Tour:

We offer a variety of Helicopter tour pachages suitable for all interested tourists and their families who like to give their kids and themselves a unique weekend holidays, for adventure lovers to get in to the heart of Himalayas. Heli Tour is a great adventure filled with an awesome and aspiring country scenario with the Himalayas. It is especially suitable for time-bounded travelers who want to enjoy the journey in a short period of ime. Most importantly, Heli tour is suitable for those people whose physical conditions do not support their mental will.
AlpineTrav Treks and Expeditions is always ready to manage your trip and we make your trip memorable in negotiable cost.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the memorable experiences in the world having eight of the top ten highest summits in the world and a large number of the most beautiful landscapes, which are only reachable on foot.
We manage treks based on your desires. Some treks are designed to see the best mountainous views while some are designed to expose life in the villages. We manage the following popular treks in Nepal.

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15 Days - 14 Nights
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€ 1,650

18 Days - 17 Nights
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16 Days - 15 Nights
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€ 3,950
€ 2,950

21 Days - 20 Nights
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13 Days - 12 Nights
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€ 1,100

12 Days - 11 Nights
€ 850

9 Days - 8 Nights
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