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Difficulty Level for Trekking in Nepal

Level of Difficulty for Trekking in Nepal

The trip is easy and suitable for everyone, including children and older people. It does not require any skills in mountain climbing or traversing difficult terrain.

This level is for mountaineering, backcountry and expeditions. It requires more serious physical preparation and previous experience in similar activities like climbing skills. The preliminary stage starts 3-6 months before heading out so that you can get acclimated by running exercises which will help increase endurance. You will need special clothes and gear.

Physical training before the trip should begin no later than 2 months before, as you will have a height of 3,000 meters above sea level and more. Hiking is from 6 km daily with an average pace that can be maintained for hours. It is important to have physical fitness & endurance. You will also need the right gear and clothes according to the weather.

You need to have good physical condition and be in top form. You’ll also require the right clothes for weather conditions and food items such as snacks or lunch breaks from your hiking adventure; water is essential too! This type of activity takes time, so ensure you’re physically able to get enough rest before starting any trips.

Trekking in Nepal
Join us for trekking in Nepal and choose from our wide range of trekking packages (Famous base camp treks to newly opened trekking trails), we offer all-inclusive trek with fully guided and supported treks.

Best Season for Nepal trek
Spring(March-May) and Autumn (Sept-Dec) are the best seasons for trekking in Nepal. Since Nepal has a diverse geography, trekking is possible throughout the year.

What to Expect
The first thing that comes in the mind of trekking enthusiasts while envisioning trekking in Nepal is the stunning views of Himalayan panorama. Being a multi-ethnic nation, great cultural variations can be seen in this country. Thus, you can choose from different holiday packages that combine pleasant walking through moderately strenuous route into the heart of cultural and spiritual abode. Walk through its pristine jungle and rocky outcrops.

Choosing AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions for Nepal Trekking
AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions is a premier adventure company based in Nepal and organizes memorable holiday adventure to experience the beauty of magnificent Himalaya. Contact us with your interest and our expert travel planners would be more than happy to offer you with travel itinerary meticulously prepared just for you. We are known for our reliability, caring, safety and warm hospitality. Our expert team of staffs will make sure that you have a best and safe experience of trekking in Nepal. We have no hidden fee. Come and choose the trekking route that you prefer from popular regions to off the beaten trail.

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