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A homestay is a cultural exchange in which a person visiting or temporarily staying in another country lives with a family in the host country. There are home stays for short periods (one night or a weekend) and for longer periods.Homestay is the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry.In homestay, the tourists experience the local needs available in local areas. You will be provided with organic food stuffs grown by the people in organic way. You get a warm welcome and greetings in homestay. You will be treated as a family member. You can get a golden opportunity to experience the best culture, tradtion, languages and the local people’s lifestyle. You get a full enjoyment in the homestay.Thus, you get to know the local area, lifestyle, occupation and many more around you very closely. It is a unique opportunity based mostly in villages and away from urban towns. Living in a Nepali village as a homestay guest is undoubted a quick way to get to know better the real Nepal. The planned daily cultural activities in such homestay homes will certainly be a major attraction for tourists.

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