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The only entry/exit point in Nepal by air is Tribhuvan International Airport. There are many international flights that will bring you to Nepal. Similarly, there are multiple land entry and exit points. Kakdbhita, Nepalgunj, Birgunj, Bhairawa, Dhangadhi and Mahendranagar are Nepal-India border posts. Similarly, Kerung is the entry/exit point of the Nepal-Tibet border. Railway and bus routes from Jayanagar in India to Raxaul in Nepal also connect Nepal and India. Since Nepal is a landlocked country, there is no other way to enter/exit.

Are there any multi-country trips?

Asian countries like Tibet, Bhutan and India are the nearest countries to Nepal. Most of these places are connected by land and are easily accessible both by land and air. If you are looking for a multi-country tour, you can easily check out our packages. This package includes Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. All these countries share some cultural and religious beliefs. You can enjoy a trip to the high mountains and cultural splendor. You can easily customize trips and make necessary changes to your itinerary on multi-country trips.

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