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(1). Expedition

Equipment Listed (for Expedition)

The gear listed below is required for the expedition. We encourage you to get all equipment listed below and kindly ensure you check and try every piece of equipment.
You can also buy or hire the same in Kathmandu as they are available in the many trekking shops from branded to local manufacturers in Kathmandu.

A. Head:

*Warm Hat and Bandana/Scarf
1. Baseball cap
2. Thermal Balaclava / Buff
3. Sunglasses with UV protection
4. Ski goggles (Anti-fog and good ventilation)
5. Headlight X 2 with spare batteries
6. Climbing helmet

B. Upper body:

1. Long-sleeved shirts
2. T-Shirts
3. Baselayers
4. Warm Jackets/Sweater/Pullover
5. Waterproof jackets
6. Down Jacket with hood (800m fill)
7. Primaloft or light down jacket
8. Down Suit; Lightweight, comfortable fit and 800m fill)

C. Lower body:

1. Thermal
2. Inner-wears / Baselayers
3. Undergarments
4. Waterproof trousers
5. Trekking trousers
6. Down or Primaloft pants

D. Feet:

1. Warm socks (4-5 pairs thin socks/4-5 pairs thick socks)
2. Trekking shoes (Preferably full to protect/support your ankle)
3. 8000m Mountaineering boots (Lightweight and comfortable size)
4. Camp Shoes
5. Gaiters
6. Down shoe

E. Hands

1. Gloves
2. Primaloft Mitten
3. Down Mitten

F. Climbing equipment:

1. Backpack 30-35 liters (To carry your sunblock, water, camera, waterproof jackets and others that you may require while trekking)
2. Backpack 60-70 liters for climbing
3. A pair of trekking poles
4. Harness
5. Ascender/Jumar (Large handle)
6. Descender /Figure 8
7. ATC Guide
8. Carabiners (4 screw gates and 4 snap gates)
9. Prussik cord X 2
10. Slings X 2
11. Ice Axe
12. 12-points steel crampons
13. Inflatable sleeping mattress
14. Sleeping bag X 2 (One for base camp and one for higher camps)

A. Others:

1. Trekking poles
2. Water bottle one (1) liter X 2 with an insulated cover
3. Thermos
4. Multi-tool knife
5. Pee bottle
6. Laundry bag to keep the dirty clothes
7. Large plastic bags to keep the clothes dry
8. Padlock
9. Binoculars
10. Sewing kit
11. Duct tape
12. Reading materials, notebooks, and pens
13. Extra clothes to wear in Kathmandu when you come back from the expedition.
14. Camera with charger or spare batteries

B. Toiletries and hygiene

1. Quick-drying towel
2. Small face towel
3. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
4. Deodorants, Soap, and Shampoo (Smaller bottle)
5. Face and body moisturizer, Sunscreen, and lip balm
6. Hand sanitizer/Antiseptic wipes
7. Hygiene products
8. Basic first aid kit

C. Documents

1. Passport with visa and validity of 6 months after your trip completion
2. 4 copies of passport size photos for permits and official formalities
3. Travel Insurance (Please refer to the general information page for more detail about it)
4. Flight tickets
5. Credit cards in case of emergencies
6. Driving ID or any other ID in case of loss of your passport.

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