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The act of traveling responsibly extends beyond just ecological considerations. Our company also considers the impact of tourism on the communities and economies we visit. So we take steps to maximize the positive impact of tourism as much as possible. After all, it is clear that tourism can provide mutual benefits. In terms of fulfillment, education, respect, and innovation by travelers and local communities.

Voluntourism is the broad name given to the combination of travel with volunteering in countries or communities affected by poverty, disaster, or threats to their survival. Combining vacations with service can lead to an enhanced travel experience, achieving greater levels of integration with local communities as well as learning about the lifestyles of those visited. The benefits to the communities visited are immediately apparent if the projects are organized and managed effectively. The destinations and activities undertaken by volunteer-tourists are very diverse.

  1. To enjoy leisure time while respecting the standards of social welfare and environmental protection
  2. To fulfill your freedom of choice and control over the economy of your region or country
  3. In favor of the implementation of a responsible approach to tourism activities
  4. To participate in the sustainable development of the host region
  5. Legal Documents of registered company
Ram Tamang
Founder / Tour Operator
Mr. Ram Bahadur Tamang – presently the director at AlpineTrav Treks decided to craft a career in the tourism sector.
Date of Birth: 29th April 1975,
Originally From Baiteshwor, Municipality, Ward No. 3, Bagmati Zone, Dolkha district,
Temporary Address: Gokarneshwor Municipality, Ward No. 6, Kathmandu.
Email: ramalpinetrav@gmail.com
Work Experience: 25 years have been working in the field of trekking and mountaineering in the, Himalayas.

Certification: Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM)We are a team of professional trekking, tour and mountaineering guides working in the Nepalese Himalayas. Our team members are highly experienced and licensed by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management. All of our trekking, tour and mountaineering guides have good knowledge of First Aid, Eco-Tourism, Nepali Culture and the Himalayas. We are reliable, punctual and experienced. We will provide everything you need to make your trip safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

Karl Degen



Our mission is to provide a unique travel and trekking experience to every adventure seeker in a sustainable, honest, and transparent manner by training our staff well, designing unique itineraries at affordable prices, and providing personalized service with utmost attention to quality and reliability.

On the other hand, the destinations we operate in have a mission to uphold the principles of sustainability and responsible tourism, driving experiences at a high level of satisfaction for travelers and hikers that constantly inspire us to achieve better efficiency in our services.

Our vision is to become a trusted service provider agency by establishing ourselves as a leading travel and trekking company in tourism in terms of quality service, creativity, innovation, competitiveness, social responsibility, promoting an environment of good relations, and achieving excellent customer satisfaction.

Kalman Tamang – Guide

Kalman Tamang Born in Dolkha district, Kalman is a licensed trekking guide with over 25 years of experience and has been consistently delivering customer satisfaction. She has a strong passion for adventure and outdoor activities.

Guinness Basnet

Born in Solukhumbu district, Joins Basnet is a licensed trekking guide with over 22 years of experience and has consistently delivered customer satisfaction. She has a strong passion for adventure and outdoor activities.

Amber Tamang – Guide

Amber Tamang, Born in Dolkha district, Amber is a licensed trekking guide with over 10 years of experience and consistently delivers customer satisfaction. She has a strong passion for adventure and outdoor activities.

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