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Nepal trekking grades on which we categorize our trips. The grades are categorized in terms of Trip Duration, Physical rating and Technical skills. Terrain, length of walks and climate are also taken into consideration while categorizing the trip.


Duration: Maximum 1 week
Physical Assessment: 1 – 2

The trails usually do not go above 3000 meters. You can expect to walk about 3-5 hours daily. This is a good introduction to trekking in Nepal. Activity Level/Physical Rating is fairly easy but, a little up and a little down. The trip is easy and suitable for everyone, including children and older people. It does not require any skills in mountain climbing or traversing difficult terrain.


Duration: 1 – 2 weeks
Physical Assessment: 3 – 4

Trails generally go above 4000 meters and on a daily basis, you can expect to be walking for about 5 – 6 hours. Perfect setting of introduction to moderate & challenging trekking in Nepal. Activity level/physical rating is slightly harder than leisure and involves occasional difficult days. A little bit up and a little bit down. However; will also need the right gear and clothes according to the weather.


Duration: 2 – 3 weeks
Physical Rating: 5 – 6

Longer treks reaching up to an elevation of 5500m where some of the famous mountaineering Base Camps are located and you need to sleep at an elevation of 5000m for few days. Physically strenuous, involving daily trekking of approximately 5 – 7 hours. No previous trekking experience is required but you should be moderately fit and must enjoy walking and adaptable to high altitude conditions. This type of activity takes time, so ensure you’re physically able to get enough rest before starting any trips.


Duration: 3 weeks +
Physical Assessment: 7 – 8

Our tough grades involve long-term treks/climbs in remote and isolated areas that go above 5500m and require you to sleep at altitudes of 5000m+ for several days. This category of travel includes the use of climbing equipment (harness, ice axe, crampons, mountaineering boots, ascenders) for climbing and some high altitude trekking. Previous experience is required and we also offer a climbing course at base camp before the actual climb where your guides will teach you the proper way to use the equipment. However previous experience of trekking/climbing at 5000m+ altitude would be beneficial.


Duration: 1 – 2 months
Physical Assessment: 9 – 10

High Altitude Expeditions that requires high level of fitness and previous experience of at least 6000m climbing. It is expected that the climber has previous experience of climbing at least 6000m peak before attempting strenuous + trips. A fierce determination and a burning desire to climb the mountain are the essential pre-requisites for joining this category expedition. One needs to be familiar with walking in snow, rock and ice using personal and group climbing equipment. You should be familiar with Rope skills, ice axe arrest and crampon skills, the use of ascenders (Jumar) and descenders, and how to use your particular harness. etc..

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