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The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

At AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions, we are committed to Responsible tourism from the very heart of our business practice and philosophy. We make sure that all our trips are run responsibly without affecting environmental, social, and cultural aspects.

Plastic pledge:

The problem of plastic is seen by most people and the mountains are also affected by it. Globally, we produce 400 trillion tons of plastics, about half of which are single-use, often discarded after less than 1 minute. Plastics do not biodegrade and will pose a health risk to animals, humans, and ecosystems for centuries. We discourage our clients from single-use plastics, usually mineral water bottle tracking and climbing. We urge all our customers to carry reusable water bottles and fill them for drinking purposes.

Animal welfare:

We know the welfare of non-human animals. And we will make sure we don’t exploit wild and domestic animals on any of our journeys. We ignore the use of animals in our travels as a means of transportation as much as possible. We use human porters to transport gear to Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Rolling, Langtang, Makalu, etc. where they are well paid, insured, and well equipped. With the availability of means of transportation, we ensure that domestic animals (yak, jogkyo, donkey, and mule) are not exploited if they are forced to use them. Only appropriate loads will be allowed and we will ensure that they are well cared for.

Child welfare:

All children have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. Nevertheless, there are frequent reports of millions of children around the world, including people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, religions, and cultures, being subjected to daily violence, exploitation, and abuse. We, therefore, recommend that you do the following to help create a safe environment for children.
1. Don’t give money to begging children but give them reading materials (pencils, drawings, pens, books) that change their behavior over time.
2. If you want to help children, do not give them money directly but help their families or donate to child philanthropists.
3. If you see any child being abused or are concerned about the welfare of any child, tell your guide.
4. Always ask their permission before taking a photo and treat them with respect and love.
5. Educate the locals about child welfare.

Employee welfare:

The welfare of our guides and porters is our top priority. We make sure to provide them with respectable and fair working conditions. The welfare of our trekking, tour, climbing and other activities, the staff is very important to us. We strictly abide by the rules and regulations, security, etc. prescribed by the Government of Nepal. All our employees are well insured and we make sure they are well paid and well equipped. We are a small team of guides working as a family to provide you with an authentic travel experience in our part of the world.

Supporting Solar System

We are proud of our German friends where the villagers were deprived of light and it was difficult for the children to read well. Many children in remote areas of Nepal are deprived of basic education due to a lack of electricity. We are very happy and proud to be able to volunteer to help the region with the help of our German friends.
If you want to help by donating to any monastery, school, poverty, or intent, please do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee that all your donations will go straight there.

Just remember
Leave only footprints.

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