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See more about MIRGE’ solar project support for villagers from German

Respect to my kind friends

1. Mr. Karl Degen (Principle of University)

2. Mr. Peter Wirsching and Katha

4. Ram Bahadur Tamang (Volunteer for the Solar System), Nepal

After the devastating earthquake of 2015, volunteers were much needed. Therefore Baidheshwar rural municipality ward no. 3 in 1/1 home equivalent solar project with the great help of my dear German friends Peter & Katha, Mr. Karl University Principal to provide all the materials for the children to study. Providing accommodation and food. We all express our gratitude to respected Mr. Karl of Germany University who helped us to install solar system in Mirge village of Dolkha district.

## Ram Tamang was working as a volunteer under Karl’s guidance. But we are very happy that the Principal of the University Mr. Karl supported us despite the sudden closure due to covid-19 and I will always remember the Principal of the University Mr. Karl.

Read more below for specific information on what the University is supporting!!

1. Surya Solar Project: Solar System ________ 98 A piece of 4 lights placed on the roof of a house
2. All school supplies for children
3. Solar system with laptops in school
4. Demolition of houses (Museum maintenance) etc.

Development Enthusiast of Mirge village in the remote Himalayan region of Dolkha district with the help of my respected friend Principal Mr. Karl and entire team of the University.
I would like to thank the entire team of the University, including the esteemed Mr. Karl. Many thanks!!

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