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Tibet is a most unusual and beautiful land. The majority of this land rests above 4000 meters (13,000 feet) and is partially surrounded by mountain ranges. The awe-inspiring Himalayas are the highest in the world, as is the never-ending Tibetan plateau. Tibet is a place for the rugged adventurer as well as the spiritual wanderer. A land that is held back in time and houses many secrets. Nomads remain much the same as they did one hundred years ago. Then, there are the monasteries which are striving to find a place in a country that’s crashing into the twentieth century. The Tibetan people and their religion have been inseparable. Even in their earliest myths, one finds references to the Tibetan’s religious beliefs. Originally, the Bon religion dominated Tibet. After the introduction of Buddhist statues and later Sanskrit documents from India, Buddhism crept increasingly into the Tibetan culture. Tibetan Buddhism is the culmination of some early Bon beliefs, Indian Buddhist texts and several great lamas. Buddhism and politics had been interwoven since King Songs ten Gumpa married a Chinese and a Nepali princess, who were both integral in the emergence of Buddhism. It was the Fifth Dalai Lama who actually built the Potala Palace as the government seat and a religious center. A theocracy had prevailed until 1951.

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How to Travel from Nepal to Tibet?

Tibet is one of the best destinations for travelers. It is hard to find travel seeker who hasn’t included Tibet in their bucket list. The landmarks, the stunning views from the immense plateau, and the unique culture have lured many tourists toward it. Traveling to Tibet is not that much easy as you think compared with other countries. How to travel from Nepal to Tibet is written in this with the purpose to help all travelers who are planning their Tours in Tibet. Please go through from here. We hope this will be helpful to clear all your questions about Tibet.

There are some key things to remember.

  • To visit Tibet from Nepal, you first need China Group Visa and Tibet Permit.
  • The total distance from Lhasa (3,658 m) to Kathmandu (1,400 m) is 609 km, making Nepal the closest gateway to Tibet.
  • The most popular Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour (9 days), covering around 1,300km via Kerung Border.
  • The train from Kathmandu to Lhasa is under construction from the Tibet side but not yet available.

1. Nepal to Tibet by Road
Overland tour from Nepal to Tibet is the cheapest and the easiest way to visit Tibet. The four-wheeler jeeps will drop you at the Gyirong/Kerung border and the comfortable vehicles according to the number of people will drive till Lhasa via the Sino-Nepal border.

Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Route
Kathmandu (1400m) – 137km – Syabrubesi (1800m)
Syabrubesi (1800m) – 40km – Kerung border (2700m)
Kerung border (2700m) – 342km – Everest Base Camp (5100m)
Everest Base Camp (5200m) – 138km – Tingri(4348m)
Tingri (4348m) – 280km – Shigatse (4000m)
Shigatse (4000m) – 95km – Gyantse(3977m)
Gyantse(3977m) – 280km – Lhasa (3658m)

2. Nepal to Tibet by Air
For those who have a very limited vacation or don’t prefer to drive on the whole trip than taking a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu is a good choice for them. Flying from Kathmandu is the only international gateway flight to Tibet. There are 2 airlines which operate direct flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and they are Air China and Sichuan Air. Sichuan air departs on every odd date from Kathmandu whereas Air China departs on an even date.

Sichuan Airline: Kathmandu and Lhasa Flight Schedule
Kathmandu – Lhasa (11:30 and 15:05 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Lhasa – Kathmandu (10:55 and 10:30 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)

Air China: Kathmandu and Lhasa and Flight Schedule
Kathmandu – Lhasa (12:10 and 16:00 Tue, Thu, Sat)
Lhasa – Kathmandu (11:55 and 11:10 Tue, Thu, Sat)

The local time of Lhasa is 2 hours and 15 minutes ahead of Kathmandu, Nepali Time. The best experience of flying from Kathmandu to Lhasa is that you will have magnificent views of Himalayan ranges including Everest. If you are traveling from Western nations, AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions advises you to stay 2 to 3 nights in Kathmandu to avoid altitude sickness because of the big difference in elevation of Kathmandu (1350m) and Lhasa (3658m).

3. Nepal to Lhasa by Train
Actually there is no railway connection between Tibet and Nepal till now. But the work of the Qinghai railway from Lhasa to Kathmandu is being done by both the governments of Nepal and China. Currently, the Qinghai-Tibet railway is being extended from Sigatse to Kerung port. Technology has brought a great change in this 21st century and in the near future it is possible to travel by train from Kathmandu to Lhasa and beyond that to Beijing and other cities in China.

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