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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Upper Mustang

Trekking to Mustang is an uncommon benefit. Today, it has turned out to be one of the most visited vacationer districts in Nepal.

Read below to find out the reasons to visit Upper Mustang for your next adventure holiday in Nepal. Upper Mustang is not only a barren land steeped in ancient history and culture, it is home to the blessings of Muktinath, worshiped by both Buddhists and Hindus.

If you’re on a tight calendar, you can complete the tour in 4-5 days without much extended access to Mustang via flight or transportation. However, as we just said, the Mustang’s mileage is an unusual advantage.

Here are 6 top reasons to visit Upper Mustang for your next hike.

1. You can visit here practically any time of the year

Most treks in Nepal take place during harvest time and spring. However, because the locality of Mustang has cheated the northern part of the Himalayas and is under the shadow of torrential rains, it has not received torrential rains like in other parts of the country. So the Mustang doesn’t have to drive on slow, dangerous and avalanche-prone roads during storms. Additionally, immaculate mountain perspectives are ensured.

Similarly, it is possible to hike the lower and middle areas of Mustang, provided you are fully prepared and wear comfortable clothing. Although Upper Mustang is not designated for winter hiking, the area goes into hibernation mode.

2. Darshan of late Muktinath

At a height of 3710 meters is the holy temple of Muktinath. Committed to the Hindu divine power of Narayan, the sanctuary is an important religious site for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is accepted that anyone who visits the sanctuary attains moksha (opportunity from the cycle of rebirth induced by the law of karma). Although the sanctuary is structurally not as flashy as those found in the Kathmandu Valley, it will be a worthwhile trip to visit. One can climb there and return to Kagbeni in a few days.

3. Trek up to Upper Mustang

Trekking in Upper Mustang is practically different from trekking in Tibet. Geographically, the region is a part of the Tibetan Plateau, and its lifestyle and lifestyle are heavily influenced by Tibet. Here you can find the lifestyle of legitimate Nepalis who have not come in contact with other parts of Nepal for a long time.

The district had an official purported owner till 10 years ago. It will be a truly stunning backdrop to visit the walled kingdom and the ancient royal residence of Lo Manthang. Horse riding is also available for entertainment.

4. Facing Taiji Prava

The celebrated Tiji festival is a shortened form of “Tempachirim” which means “Prayer for World Peace”. Tiji falls on the second seven days of May every year and lasts for three days. Held at Lo Manthang, this festival celebrates Tibetan customs in an amazing and unique way. There are also some legends associated with the festival.

For example, the Buddha was successfully resurrected against a terrifying evil spirit. If you get the chance to trek in May, you will almost certainly encounter a huge social experience along with adventure trekking.

5. Discovering amazing caves

Mustang’s mysterious Sky Caves make trekking a true trekking experience and largely follow luck. The 10,000 man-made caves on the edge of this valley are the gathering place of the dove range. These caves are located in a steep valley divider near the Kaligandaki waterway. From the beginning, the 155 feet high cave is 2 thousand years old.

Inside these caves are many curiosities like art, models, and artistic creations that make these caves one of the world’s greatest archaeological puzzles. There is no substitute for inquiry to find out who, why and how these people made this journey.

6. Notable Gompas and Cloisters

While trekking in Mustang district you will pass some religious communities and gompas. It can be said that walking here is not an adventure but also a social, religious and other worldly journey. Some of these religious Buddhist sites are over a hundred years old and contain ancient rarities such as original copies, paintings and expressions.

Namgyal Monastery, Tsarang Monastery, Lo-Gakal Monastery, Nephuk Monastery, Ghiling Monastery, Gonpa-Kang Monastery, Chaucer Cave, Luri Cave and Ghar Gompa Mustang are the religious communities that can be visited on the Mustang trek.

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