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Choosing the right travel insurance for Nepal can be confusing but it’s also an important decision. It’s mandatory and highly recommended to get Travel insurance before embarking on any adventurous trips.

We advise all our clients to get travel insurance covers medical evacuation insurance and Travel protection. Medical evacuation insurance is must when traveling at high altitudes in remote part of the world where there are no other means of transportation available in case of occurrence of (AMS) Acute Mountain Sickness) or any other reasons in high altitudes. Similarly, Travel protection is highly recommended to protect your travel investment from unforeseen circumstances that may occur during or before your trip.

Emergency medical evacuation, travel safety cancellation/interruption, medical expenses, loss of luggage and delays, and death and repatriation are other important factors to consider when purchasing your insurance. In the event of an emergency withdrawal, the total cost will have to be paid in cash in Nepal until the insurance company agrees to pay the cost on your behalf. So it is important to remember that your insurance policy includes emergency evacuation, alpine or mountaineering. It is therefore advisable to carefully review the insurance and its coverage before making a final decision. Carry proof of your insurance on leave and leave a copy with your relative. You should make sure that your insurance provides an adequate level of protection and covers you for the activities involved. Check here for more information on what are the main factors to consider when traveling. Rescue & Insurance.

Below you will find some information and recommendations that can help you sort your insurance before embarking on your adventure.

First thing

If you have an annual policy, home insurer, or existing health insurance company, check with them first to see if they are able to offer you a policy that covers your activity level at a lower cost than getting new insurance.

Medical, rescue and treatment

Medical evacuation can be really expensive in remote locations where other means of transportation are not available. It mandatory for all our clients to have insurance covering emergency evacuation, medical and treatment. If your own insurance does not provide these coverages, we urge you to reconsider and get yourself fully insured. It is also important to know how much coverage you have and under what circumstances the medical cover applies.

Travel safety

You’ve paid for the trip, worse if you need to cancel the trip after confirmation. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure travel safety. Things don’t always go according to plan and there may be some unforeseen events for which you may have to cancel or change your trip. All paid trip deposits will not be refunded in any event so your insurance can help provide this coverage. Similarly, if you miss a flight / connecting flight or your flight is delayed, your policy may help, but the delay or missed flight is only due to an insured event (severe weather, natural disaster). However, this coverage may vary by the insurance company, so please read the policy terms carefully.

Lost or delayed items

Most travel insurance will cover up to a certain dollar amount. The key lies in knowing how much you are covered so please check your insurance about the limit.

Activity/sports level

It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance if it covers the level of your activity, travel style, and height before making a purchase. Please make sure it covers special activities according to your travel style and maximum altitude.


Like most insurance policies, travel insurance has many exclusions. You should make a note of any special events or items that are excluded from your policy.

We highly recommend purchasing Insurance that covers COVID-19 related expenses too.

Some recommendations:

For worldwide:
– World Nomads
– Global Rescue

For USA/Canada:
– Travel Guard
– IM Global

For Europe:
– Europ Assistance
– IHI Bupa

For Australian/New Zealand:
– Cover-More Travel Insurance
– Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance
– 1 Cover Travel Insurance

Important:- The insurance companies listed above are only recommendations. We strongly advise you to consult / inquire with the insurance company before purchasing any policies. Please ensure that your insurance policy covers your level activity including emergency evacuation and medical expenses.

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