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General guide to Prepare for a Trek

Preparing for Trek is needed when you go trekking anywhere in the world, you need to make sure you plan and prepare for it. Walking or trekking the Himalayas demands a certain degree of fitness from you, that you might not necessarily be naturally ready for.

Mental Preparation:
For most of us, it isn’t just our physical fitness that is the biggest challenge, it is our mind. When we feel like we cannot carry on with something, we will likely just give up and go and do something else. You cannot afford to do that on a trek, so you must temporarily condition your mind to deal with things you haven’t before.

Physical Preparation:
There are many things you are meant to consider before you take a trip. Physically prepare yourself by doing aerobic and cardiovascular exercises to keep you fit. If you feel ill at all before you go on your trek, delay it.

You need to make sure you have been eating good food before you leave. This does not mean bulking yourself up on fast food and buying expensive meals. We mean wholesome foods that are filled with nutrition. Your choice of food will be limited once you leave town. Try and eat lots of rice and vegetables. Instant energy is good from dry fruits, biscuits, cheese noodles etc that you can take with you.

Background Check:
You should also do a background check about the places you will be visiting. What kinds of people will you meet? How would they react to certain things? Peruse and memorise as much of a map as you can before you leave.