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Nepal’s has 4 distinctive seasons and each season has its advantages and drawbacks from trekking aspect.

  • The ideal time for trekking is during spring (February through May) and autumn (September through November). Warm days and clear skies make these seasons favorable and extremely enjoyable for trekking.
  • Autumn is favoured by trekkers because after monsoon period the air is very clear with great visibility.
  • Spring is favoured by climbers because the ice and snow are more stable and climbs are more reliable.
  • Winter period December and January can be quite cold at high altitudes however lower elevations are very pleasant for hiking and trekking because mild cool weather makes it very comfortable for walking.
  • The summer, monsoon season last for three months, i.e. June, July and August. During this period, trekking is possible in the rain-shadow regions north of the Himalaya, like Mustang, Dolpo, Humble and the Jumla-Rara Lake regions of Nepal and of course regions of Ladakh, India.

Autumn Season (Mid-September to November):

Following the monsoon the skies are generally very clear, the days warm and the evenings cool. This makes an ideal time to trek or climb at higher altitudes. Autumn is considered the best time for trekking in Nepal, which offers excellent weather and exciting mountain views. Temperatures are moderate, making it a good time for a trek in any region. Occasional short storms may dump snow at high altitudes. Autumn is the most popular season in Nepal for trekking and Mountaineering although some mountains may be in a better climbing condition in spring period.

Winter Season (December to February):

Generally you will enjoy the clear skies with crisp days but cold nights at higher altitude. This is a good time for trek on lower and mid altitudes, where the temperature still remains pleasant and with fewer trekkers on the trail. This season is noted for occasional snowfall only at higher elevations hence it makes crossing higher passes difficult and dangerous. Therefore, in this season we do not request customers.

Spring Season (March to May):

Spring is the season perfect to enjoy spectacular mountain flora with the blossoming of the giant rhododendrons; days are becoming warmer making higher altitude trekking in particular comfortable. This is the one of the best season among the year for any trekking reason, offering different varieties of wild flowers, specially the rhododendrons making the hillside above 2500 meters fiery red. It is a good time to take a trek to the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp.

Summer Season (June to September):

Summer months really continue up to mid-September, when monsoon typically ends, making travel wet and warm. These times are a blessing for the keen botanist or photographer as the higher valleys and meadows blossom with flowers and lush vegetation making this the perfect time to capture Nepal in all its full beauty.
The only areas unaffected by rain are the rain-shadow regions north of the Himalayas: Mustang, Dolpo, Humble and the Jumla-Rara Lake regions of Nepal and of course regions of Ladakh, India.

Annapurna Area Trek 1 to 3 Sep-Dec, Feb-May Camping & Lodge Both Trek.
Arun Valley & Makalu Trek 3 Sep-May Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Cultural Tour 0 Nepal For All Season Hotel & Resort Only.
Dhaulagiri Area Trekking 4 Apr-May, Sep-Nov Camping Only.
Dolpo Area Trek 3 to 4 Apr-Nov Camping Only.
Everest Area Trek 2 to 3 Sep-May Camping & Lodge Both Trek.
Ganesh Himal Trek 1 to 3 Oct-May Camping Only.
Gorkha – Pokhara Trek 2 Oct-May Camping Only.
Langtang Area Trek 2 to 4 Oct-May Camping & Lodge Both Trek.
Kathmandu Valley Area Trek 1 Sep-May Camping & Lodge Both Trek.
Kanchenjunga 4 Apr-May, Sep-Nov Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Manaslu Area Trek 4 Sep-May Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Mustang Area Trek 3 Apr-Nov Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Panchase Trek 1 Oct-May Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Panch Pokhari Area Trek 2 to 3 Oct-May Camping Only.
Rara & Jumla Area Trek 2 Mar-Dec Camping Only.
Royal Trek 1 Oct-May Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.
Sikles Trek 1 Sep-May Camping & Teahouse Both Trek.

Normal Temperatures in Nepal

°C Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Day 22 24 26 29 28 28 32 32 31 28 26 23
Night -5 -1 -2 6 6 8 10 20 19 14 5 -5
Rainfall 1 5 2 6 10 15 21 18 12 4 2 1

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