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Nepal is a Small country in area but it is a world in itself. It is a multi-castes, multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual country. it is rich in natural and cultural beauty. Nepal is equally renowned for its cultural diversity. The social and cultural traditions differ greatly from one group to another. The life styles are uniquely different from one community to another. People living in the high Himalayan region follow Buddhism and observe festivals such as Lhosar. Religious and cultural festivals of Nepal are major attractions for the tourists.Those in the eastern hills are Hindus and Kirat and observe Sakela, Sakewa, Nuwagi and Chamachasok. The Newari people mainly in the Kathmandu valley follow Hinduism or Buddhism and observe their own festivals such as Sithi Nakha, Mha puja and Kumari Puja. Jatras such as Gaai Jatra and Bisket Jatra are unique in their community. The people in the Terai observe Holi, Chhath, Maghi and Siruwa festivals with great devotion and zeal. All the festivals observed in Nepal are national festivals. The costumes, food, folk songs, musical instruments and dances also differ from one community to another as well as from one region to another. Nepali celebrate many religious and social festivals. There are mainly two types of festivals-religious and social. Religious festivals are celebrated to show devotion to God. These involve activities like worship, offering etc. Social festival is based on our traditions and customs. The highlights about the Nepali festivals:

AlpineTrav Treks and Expeditions organizes the festival celebration, fair celebration and Jatra celebration program. Foreign tourists can participate in such activities and enjoy the festivals with Nepali people.

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