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Mera Peak Climbing (6,461 m.) - 15 Days

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Mera Peak Camping lies at an altitude of 6,461 m. It is renowned as one of the highest peak located in Makalu Barun National Park. This peak lies between the mighty peak of Mount Everest and Mont Blanc. It rises to the south of Everest and dominates the cut- between the wild and heavily wooded valleys of the Hinku and Hongu Drangka. The path moves all the way through the pristine rhododendron, silver fir, oak forest etc. En-route, you can see Mera Glacier and striking alpine lake. This trek will provide you with the typical Sherpa society of the Solukhumbu. Mt. Everest (8848m.), Lhotse (8516m.), Cho-Oyu (8201m.), Makalu (8463m.), Nuptse (7855m.), Kanchenjunga (8586m.) and Chamlang (7319m.) can be closely viewed. You will experience the culture, tradition and lifestyles of Sherpa, Tamang, Brahman, Chhetri, Newar community of people.
Usually Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla to save time and energy before the trek begins to Mera peak. Situated at 2,815m, it is a popular place for visitors to the Himalayas. The walk is initially through the virgin forest of the Hinku Valley. This is incredibly beautiful and it provides an excellent acclimatization for the peak itself. We will walk all along a high, rocky edge via dense forests and cross several rivers before reaching at the pass and then takes us to the Hinku Valley. will walk around the giant moraine and the stunning glacial lake lying north of the village. We will move forward to Khare and fix camp. Our Way Up now will follow the glacier that takes us to Mera la (5,415m.) and on to the high camp of Mera Peak. The climb on Mera Peak is not technically difficult as ascending snow slopes rarely exceed 40 degrees. From high camp, we can witness a heart sweeping the Panoramic view of Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Everest (Chamlang) to the east, to the north you will see Everest and Lhotse and Amadablam to the west. The summit day starts early in morning and we approach the summit by the northern route – this involves gradual climb with an outstanding mountain panorama always in sight. After that we will return back down the valley to Lukla.

Outline Itinerary (Mera Peak)
Day 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport, transfer to hotel by our representative
Day 02 : Fly to Lukla 2815m. 35 minutes flight. And start trek to Chutanga (3,200m.) 4 hrs
Day 03 : Trek Chutanga – Thuli Kharka (4320m, 4-5 hours, via Chetra-La (4600m.)
Day 04 : Trek Thuli Kharka – Kothe (3600m), 5 hours
Day 05 : Trek Kothe -Thaknak (4,350m.) 4/30 hours
Day 06 : Trek Thaknak – Khare (5,045m.) 4 hours
Day 07 : Acclimatization day in Khare (5045m.)
Day 08 : Khare to Mera Base Camp (5300m.) 3/30 hours
Day 09 : Trek Mera Base Camp to High camp (5,780m.) 2/30 hours
Day 10 : Trek Mera High Camp to Summit (6,461m.) and back to Khare (5045m.)
Day 11 : Trek Khare – Kothe (3600m.)
Day 12 : Trek Kothe -Thuli Kharka
Day 13 : Trek Thuli Kharka – Lukla
Day 14 : Fly Lukla to Kathmandu
Day 15 : Transfer to airport, departure to your own destination

Itinerary can be make increase or decrease according to yours holidays in Nepal.
After this challenging Mera peak if you are interested for other activities like Jungle Safari, Rafting, Hiking or more Peak climbing in other region’s we can organize based on your desires and requirements.

Note: We would like to inform and assure you that we always follow the itinerary program but we might have to compel to change the itinerary due to bad weather, route condition and in any other unexpected situation compel in the field. We seek to request maximum flexibility for your safety while you are travelling in the Himalaya. There are also many other optional routes and programs which can be customized based on your interest. The cost will vary for the customized program. Please feel free to contact us for customized program.

Day 1
Day 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport, transfer to hotel by our representative

Day 2
Day 02 : Fly to Lukla 2815m. 35 minutes flight. And start trek to Chutanga (3,200m.) 4 hrs

We start our first day trek from Lukla. Today’s trek is an easy walk which leads eastwards the path following through a number of hamlets and wood yards until we reach a thick forest of silver fir, birch, pines and rhododendron trees and bushes on the hill side below Nau Lekh also known as Mera-La Ridge, on this portion follow the Sherpa or the group as there are many path leading away from the main trail. The trail goes straight from Lukla for about an hour then the path gradually begins to descend. WE have to walk through the pristine of Rhododendron and Pine. There are many small streams with numerous places en route, whole of this area referred to as Chutanga which is a summer pasture. Explore the surroundings of Chutanga. Overnight overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 3
Day 03 : Trek Chutanga – Thuli Kharka (4320m, 4-5 hours, via Chetra-La (4600m.)

On the following day, we have to pass through Chetra-La in order to reach Thuli Kharka. Commencing trek with a steep climb to cross the Mera-La Ridge in the Nau Lekh range which separates the Khumbu from the Hinku valley. A steep uphill climb brings us to a cairned notch in the ridge with a collection of Buddhist prayer flags at 4,450m. This small pass is called the Chetra-La from here the path traverses across a boulder slope, round a corner and climbs once again to the Chetra-La at 4,600 m. In bad weather to find the path of our route can be quite misleading, so care should be taken but with fine weather, the views across the Dudh Koshi towards Karyolung and the Lumding Himal are very impressive, as well as the scenery across the rolling foothills of the Hinku Valley. From here, within less than an hour we reach Thuli Kharka. Overnight at teahouse.

Day 4
Day 04 : Trek Thuli Kharka – Kothe (3600m), 5 hours

Leaving Thuli Kharka, we descend down through a fine vantage point of the Hinku valley, with impressive views of the south face of Mera Peak. The trekking trail is fascinating today since we walk across three ridges i.e. Hinku River, Hinku Valley and Kothe. We plunge into the Hinku River and then sky ward to Kothe. The trail passes through rhododendron forests on the west side of Hinku valley. The forests of the Hinku valley are a delight to walk through, full of the tall Himalayan pine and rhododendron trees. You will get an amazing insight deep into the nature. Initially, as we head up the Hinku Valley, there are stunning views of Peak 43 and Kusum Kanguru. During the journey, you get an opportunity to admire the beautiful hills dotted with rhododendrons, overnight at guesthouse.

Day 5
Day 05 : Trek Kothe -Thaknak (4,350m.) 4/30 hours

Today we walk in the shadow of Mera Peak along the Ridge of Hinku River. Walking further for few couple of hours we reach Gondi hung the summer herders’ settlement in the west bank of the Hinku Drangka. You can also observe the 200 year old Lungsumgba Gompa where we can find Mera Peak scripted in rock along with its route to reach Mera. The scripture clearly depicts way to the peak. A small walk finally takes us to Thaknak where we will spend our night. Thaknak sits in a wide U-shaped valley, dwarfed by the surrounding mountains. It is also known as a summer grazing area with primitive lodges and shops. We will spend our overnight at guesthouse.

Day 6
Day 06 : Trek Thaknak – Khare (5,045m.) 4 hours

Gradually commencing trek from east of Thaknak, we slowly move ahead through the east of Thaknak. Following the lateral moraine of Dig Glacier to Dig Kharka offers us the stupendous view of Charpate Himal. This mesmerizing view of Charpate Himal attracts anybody on the way trekking through this route. We can also enjoy the view of pristine Sabai Tso glacial lake. A drop in the lake level caused by a rupture of the recent dam is clearly visible. The trail gradually climbs through moraines to the snout of the Hinku Nup and Shar Glaciers, and then climbs more steeply to Khare. Khare offers stunning north face of Mera Peak and Mera glacier spills steeply down into the valley. There is small Sherpa village which offers nice accommodation in Khare which situated in sloppy land surface. From here, we can view the Northern face of Mera Peak which will be an amazing experience. After lunch one can engage in hikes in the surroundings of Khare. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 7
Day 07 : Acclimatization day in Khare (5045m.)

A rest and acclimatization day in Khare provides you with more exploration opportunities. While you will be exploring and acclimatizing around Khare, our guides will be carrying out the last minute checking of gears for the climb. They will arrange the required equipment and also rent if necessary. After all the arrangements are done, we will be provided with the training for Peak climbing. They will teach us the techniques and the proper ways of using climbing gears such as the ice axe, climbing boots and crampons, harness, ascender, etc. The training will also include using ropes to go up and down. Although it is not mandatory to have prior training for Mera Peak Base Camp, we strongly believe that some training experience will boost your confidence and your climbing skills to increase the chances of scaling the summit as well as to fully enjoy overnight at same place.

Day 8
Day 08 : Khare to Mera Base Camp (5300m.) 3/30 hours

Today’s trail is quite tough though being a short one. We walk through a boulder-strewn course on a steep trail to reach Mera Peak Base Camp. We have to climb up to Mera Glacier, and then we have to walk straight on ice around half an hour. On the way see the nice view of Mera peak. After descending around 100 m, we will be at Mera Base camp. Upon reaching the base camp, we rest for a while. If anyone feels the previous training was not sufficient and wants to train more to build confidence to succeed the climb, there can be an additional training on climb provided. Rest of the day would be to rest and prepare for the next day. Overnight at Mera Peak Base Camp.

Day 9
Day 09 : Trek Mera Base Camp to High camp (5,780m.) 2/30 hours

Starting our trek from the base camp, we have to climb for about 400 meters in order to reach the high camp. High Camp is situated in the base of big rock, where we can feel quite warm, which offers nice view of sunshine and sunset. En route we can see stunning and spectacular view of Mt. Everest (8848m), Mt. Cho Oyu (8201m), Mt. Lhotse (8516m), Mt. Kanchenjunga and many more. Our path is along a rocky trail, which can be hazardous if it has recently snowed, as there are a number of crevasses here. We make our way to the top of the rock band, which is marked by a large cairn.
We set up a high camp while enjoying excellent views of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, south face of Lhotse, Nuptse, Chamlang and Barun Tse. Overnight at Mera High Camp.

Day 10
Day 10 : Trek Mera High Camp to Summit (6,461m.) and back to Khare (5045m.)

Mera Peak is Claimed to be the highest trekking peak in Nepal. This day is going to be a memorable day for us as we will be summiting Mera Peak today. Today, we have to wake up around 2 in the morning and have our breakfast. The crew will put on crampons and rope up before setting out for the summit. One of the great advantages of using our high camp, as well as making for a shorter summit day, is that we will have only around an hour of walking with head torches before dawn breaks. It’s going to be very cold in the beginning but soon we warm up as we continue up the glacier and onto a peculiar ridge. The first rays of the sun hit the big peaks in an amazing red glow. The route is still non-technical as we slowly climb higher into the ever-thinning air. Climbing mostly easy angled snow slopes to the foot of the dome of the central summit, we will place a fixed rope for the last 30 – 40 meter which steepens to an angle of 45 – 50 degrees. The slope steepens for a section behind the ridge and the summit comes back into view. At the foot of the final steep summit cone, we may attach to a fixed rope depending on the conditions. The summit is only a few meters away. Note that in certain snow conditions an ascent of the Central summit may be beyond the technical grade for this trek and in this case the group will make an ascent of the easier and slightly lower South summit. The trip leader will make this decision. From the summit, we take in amazing views of the mighty Himalayas including Mt. Everest (8,848m), Cho-Oyu (8,210m), Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m), Kanchenjunga (8,586m), Nuptse (7,855m), Chamlang (7,319m), Barun Tse (7 ,129m) and others. This glorious view will take away all the tiredness during our climb. After spending some time in the summit, we retrace back our steps by descending towards the high camp. stay guesthouse.

Day 11
Day 11 : Trek Khare – Kothe (3600m.)

Retracing our steps back we will be trekking to Kothe via Khare today. Upon your arrival at Kothe, try out the local delicacies and wine. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 12
Day 12 : Trek Kothe -Thuli Kharka

It is an uphill trek through lush rhododendron forests on the west side of the Hinku Valley to Thuli Kharka. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal and on our journey we get to admire beautiful hills dotted with rhododendrons. After reaching Thuli Kharka, we enjoy remarkable views of Mera North, Mera Central and South face.

Day 13
Day 13 : Trek Thuli Kharka – Lukla

We begin today’s trek by ascending to Chetra-La Pass. As soon as we cross the pass, we are welcomed by the sight of the beautiful Lukla Valley which is surrounded by Cho Oyu, Kongde Peak, Numbur Himal, Kusum Kanguru and other Himalayan peaks. From Chetra-La Pass we walk all the way down to Chutanga and then straight forward to the Lukla village. In the evening we enjoy dinner in the Himalayas of Nepal with our crew. Overnight in Lukla.

Day 14
Day 14 : Fly Lukla to Kathmandu

We catch an early morning flight to Kathmandu after our long mountain journey. After reaching Kathmandu, we can take a rest or do some souvenir shopping. If we want to explore any other areas of Kathmandu,

Day 15
Day 15 : Transfer to airport, departure to your own destination

After all the procedures at the airport, we will be departed to our respective destination.


  • Airport picks up, drops off, upon arrival and departure
  • Accommodation at Green Boutique Hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu - Lukla - Kathmandu Flight (inclusive with airport tax)
  • All ground transportation by private Jeep
  • Fluent English speaking trekking and Expert Climbing guide
  • Full boards Camping Service during whole trek
  • Staff food, accommodation, clothing, salary and insurance
  • Peak climbing, trekking permit and National park fees
  • Oxygen cylinder with mask and regulator for emergency use only
  • First Aid kits for the staffs and the groups
  • Farewell dinner during the last day of departure


  • International airfares and Nepal travel visa
  • Bar and beverage bills
  • Personal Trekking-Climbing Gears
  • Emergency Rescue evacuation by helicopter in case needed
  • Staff tips

Mera Peak Climbing (6,461 m.); 15 Days

(All rates are in Euro)
All inclusive Peak Climbing Cost for 1 Person: Eur 2390
All inclusive Peak Climbing Cost for 2-4 person basis : Eur 2345 per person
All inclusive Peak Climbing Cost for 5-7 person basis : Eur 2300 per person
All inclusive Peak Climbing Cost for +8 person basis : Eur 2255 per person


The trip can be extend based on your holiday duration in Nepal. Special Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing and Mountain Flight might be your best choice before or after the trip. As well as following programs also can be extend as additional trips from Kathmandu.

Main rope, Down Sleeping Bag
Down Jacket, Gore-Tex jacket, Trouser
Climbing boots, Trekking boot
ICE-axe with Ice hammer
Rucksack, Crampon, Stick, Harness
Get up (Boot clover), Snow Glass
ICE Screws, snow Shavel
Carbine Lock & unlock
Head Lights, Wind Proof Jacket & trouser
Down Trouser, Wind Proof Trouser
Water Bottle, Woolen Gloves, Bag Cover
Wind mask for climbing, Climbing gloves
Socks for climbing, Personal Medicine, Eight figure, Knife

Notice: You can bring the necessary gears from your own country or can buy or hire from the stores at Kathmandu. All Equipments are available.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Mera Peak Climbing (6,461 m.)
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Trip Facts

  • 15 Days
  • Spring & Autumn
  • 6461 Meter
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Flight
  • Hotel/Lodge & Camping

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