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Muktinath Helicopter tour

Muktinath Helicopter tour is popular for adventure and religious journey. The tour offers magnificent views of Mt. Dhaulagiri & Mt. Annapurna along with 18 other snowcapped peaks. Muktinath temple is a Hindu holy site situated at the heart of Nepali-Tibetan culture amidst numerous Tibetan monasteries which perfectly represents the harmonic existence of diverse cultures within Nepal. Muktinath helicopter tour is mainly catered towards those that are not able to travel via land to Jomsom.

It is believed that a visit to Muktinath cleans all the sins and evil. So, it is named ‘Muktinath’ meaning ‘Salvation Temple’. So, Hindus try to make a pilgrimage to Muktinath at least once in a lifetime. The Helicopter trip flies over breathtaking landscape of the himalayas. The trip not only provides heart rendering view of some of the tallest himalayan peaks but also takes you into the serene Tibetan plateau beyond the Himalayas. You will be picked up by our representative from the hotel and heading towards domestic airport in Kathmandu where the Muktinath helicopter tour starts at earlier morning around 7am. After a 30 minutes flight we land at the threshold of the Muktinath temple where the travelers will get to spend an hour visiting the temple. You get to enjoy great views of the barren lands surrounded by some of major Himalayan peaks along with local attractions like the Jwalamukhi Mai where flames can be seen on the surface of water. No doubt, you return with an amazing lifetime memories.

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Muktinath Helicopter tour
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