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Sikkim Goechala Trek - 14 Days


Gochala at height of 4900 meters which will not make you think twice.

Souls of Sikkim with spectacular Goechala trek standing at Goechala at an altitude of 4602 meters, looking at the huge structure of Kanchenjunga, looking at Goechala Lake with its teardrop-shaped structure, wonderful sunrise, and sunset, the huge Himalayas covered with snow Reasons to fall in love with winding rivers, meadows, rhododendrons, beautiful Goechala trekking.

For hikers, it is an adventure-filled journey where one can enjoy the adrenaline rush along its steep paths, enjoy the beauty of nature, and learn more about Sikkim, the land of tranquil beauty. The Goechala Trek is an admirable trek that will add fond memories. The trek starts from Yoksum and passes through Sachen Pass, where it meets the traditional Jongari-Goechala Trail. The ridge is truly beautiful and full of exciting activity, while Goechala Pass is the decisive destination for the magnificent views of Mount Cabru and Kanchenjunga. The next day you will descend from the steep forest to the overpass of the Jongri-Goechala track and from there you will reach Tsoka after an hour’s walk.

Every day you are enjoying your hike as you can feel the essence of the beautiful landscapes. The climb to the top of Dzongri is also very beautiful and heavy. There you will come across the Black Cabru Pandim, Cabru North, Cabru Dome, and many more peaks. The feeling of the sun’s waves warming our solid body is truly a wonderful experience. After packing our bags, we set off for Thansing for another day camp. A very attractive place with opaque mist filled forest, bubble Rathongchu River, and flat mats of grasslands and plants on the ground.

For the third reason, Goechala trekking is considered to be moderately challenging. This period increases to two weeks. Trails typically go up to 4000 meters and on a daily basis; you can expect to walk about 5-7 hours, sometimes involving difficult days /… So, these trails will give you experiences that will be non-fiction stories for you. Write when you get home; A story to remember for a lifetime.

Why Trekking with AlpineTrav Treks?

At AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions, our goal is to provide a wonderful vacation in our part of the world and ensure that our customers enjoy the vacation as little risk and worry-free travel as possible, whether monetary, physical or emotional. . All the logistical arrangements required for the trip will be made available to you on a hassle free trip and trek before your arrival; You will be led by an experienced and medically trained guide / leader with a high staff ratio.
On the trek, all-inclusive food and accommodation are included in the camping tents. Our itinerary is also designed with every aspect in mind such as adaptability, good campsites, real-life experiences, etc. We also provide sleeping bags, down jackets, and waterproof duffel bags There will also be a kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, table, chairs, and more for the comfort of each participant.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Bagdogra airport and drive to Yoksum
Day 02: Trek begins: From Yuksom to Bakkhim (3005m) 5/6 hrs
Day 03: Trek – Bakkhim to Phedang (3,483m) 4/30 hrs
Day 04: Trek from Phedang to Dzongri (4,030m) 3/4 hrs (excursion around Dzongri)
Day 05: Excursion to Laxmi Pokhari via Dzongri Top (4,250m)
Day 06: Trek from Dzongri to Thansing (3930m) 6/7 hrs
Day 07: Trek from Thansing to Lambi (4200) 6/7 hrs
Day o8: Hike up to Gocehala (4940m) and back to Lambi 7/8 hrs
Day 09: Trek from Lambi to Cokchorung (3000m) 5/6 hrs
Day 10: Trek – Cokchorung to Tsokha (3000m) 5/6 hrs
Day 11: Trek from Tsokha to Yuksom (1780m) 6/7 hrs
Day 12: Drive from Yoksum to Gangtok (16,50m) 5/6 hrs
Day 13: Full day sightseeing at Gangtok like Rumtek monastery and others etc…
Day 14: International departure

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Customize your trek: The package can be redesigned or redeveloped according to your taste. For more information please email us at ramalpinetrav@gmail.com

Day 1
Arrive at Bagdogra airport and drive to Yoksum

Day 2
Trek begins: From Yuksom to Bakkhim (3005m) 5/6 hrs

Day 3
Trek – Bakkhim to Phedang (3,483m) 4/30 hrs

Day 4
Trek from Phedang to Dzongri (4,030m) 3/4 hrs (excursion around Dzongri)

Day 5
Excursion to Laxmi Pokhari via Dzongri Top (4,250m)

Day 6
Trek from Dzongri to Thansing (3930m) 6/7 hrs

Day 7
Trek from Thansing to Lambi (4200) 6/7 hrs

Day 8
Hike up to Gocehala (4940m) and back to Lambi 7/8 hrs

Day 9
Trek from Lambi to Cokchorung (3000m) 5/6 hrs

Day 10
Trek – Cokchorung to Tsokha (3000m) 5/6 hrs

Day 11
Trek from Tsokha to Yuksom (1780m) 6/7 hrs

Day 12
Drive from Yoksum to Gangtok (16,50m) 5/6 hrs

Day 13
Full day sightseeing at Gangtok like Rumtek monastery and others etc…

Day 14
International departure

Cost Inclusion

  • Freshly prepared meals (B, L, D) with boiled water, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Twin sharing tent for accommodation during the trek
  • Local trek leader with 1:4 assistant guide to client ratio
  • Full support camping crew with 1 porter for every 2 trekkers
  • All camping logistical arrangements for your comfort
  • Water purification tablets for safe drinking water
  • Snacks (cookies/dry fruit) and seasonal fresh fruit every day
  • All land transportation by private jeep or land cruiser
  • All required permits for the trek (National park fee)
  • Twin-sharing accommodation at hotel in Gangtok for two night
  • International airport transfers as per flight time
  • Extensive first aid kit with high altitude medicine
  • Satellite phone for emergency purposes (if necessary)
  • Trek completion certificate [upon request]
  • Staff wages, equipment, insurance, and allowances
  • Duffel bag, sleeping bag, and down Jacket (If necessary)

Cost Exclusion

  • Travel Insurance/Your international flight ticket
  • Items and expenses of personal nature
  • Horse renting & additional porters due to natural calamities on the trek
  • Emergency Evacuation (Helicopter Rescue')
  • Guide, porters tip/tips (expected)

Trails of generally go above the 4000 meters and on a daily basis, you can expect to be walking for about 5 – 7 hours. The perfect setting for an introduction to moderate & challenging trekking in Sikkim. Activity level/physical rating is slightly harder than leisure and involves occasional difficult days. Expect ups and downs as well for there will be hills to climb as well.


No previous experience of trekking is required but you should be moderately fit and have fun walking and adapting to high altitude conditions. Having previous experience is definitely beneficial but it is not mandatory to participate for this trip. To fully participate in this journey, all passengers must be in good physical health. We strongly advise you to prepare for your trip by exercising regularly, walking, running or going to the gym. The fitter you are, the more enjoyable the hiking experience will be. All of our travel itineraries have been designed with each aspect in mind and given enough time for adaptation.


The best season for Trek is from March to November. In both seasons, Mornings are usually clear, with clouds building up in the afternoon and disappearing at night. The given temperature may raise or lower with the change in weather factors: (Sunny, Snow, Rain, etc.)

Autumn/Fall (Sept to Nov)
This is when the rain settles after the monsoon (July to Mid September )and the weather gets dry. Slightly colder than Spring but presents clear views of the mountains. The mornings are clear providing the best mountain views, days are warmer, and nighttime will get cold and frosty. Temperatures will drop considerably as you ascend higher every day.

Spring (March to May)
Another weather window for trekking in Sikkim comes from the month of the latter March to May. The temperature will be relatively warmer during this period of time but still, nights will be cold and frosty at a higher elevation. During the spring season, The trekking trails all over the country are filled with vibrant mixes of red, pink, and white floras offering surreal experience along the trek. Spring season offers warm temperatures, blossoming flora and temperate days


We have a deep passion for the alpine adventure and the outdoors, and with the small business group we have on board, we have gained experience on the most isolated trails and highest peaks. This is all due to our diverse and qualified team of guides. They live in other parts of the area where they were born. Guides …
Your journey will be led by a qualified guide with 1 porter for every 2 participants and 1 assistant guide for every 4 participants.

Group Size

Our emphasis is always on maintaining small groups to make it easier to coordinate and collaborate with each other. Our group size is small and we charge up to 12 pax per group. If you join us, we welcome any age group except minors as per your requirement.

Travel Insurance

It’s mandatory and highly recommended to get travel insurance before embarking on any adventurous trips. We advise all our clients to get travel insurance that covers emergency helicopter evacuation that may be needed in case of the occurrence of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) or any other reasons in high altitudes where there are no other means of transportation available. It is advisable to review carefully the insurance and its coverages before making the final decision. Carry proof of your insurance with you on the holiday and leave a copy next to your kin. You must ensure that your insurance provides an adequate level of protection and covers you for the activities involved.

Carry my own stuff

You will only carry your day pack carrying the essential items (Water, Cameras, Extra Fleece, Rain jacket, Sunscreen, Snacks, Valuable Items, etc.) that you may need during the walk. The rest of your stuff will be carried by the porter. We provide 1 porter for every 2 participants and we also provide a duffel bag to put your trekking gears.


Trekking: Camping
Your accommodation during the trekking period will be fully tented camping. A tent will be provided for every 2 travelers with a foam mattress. If in case of a single by default, we will arrange a single tent for you at no additional cost. There will also be a kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, table, chairs, and more for your comfort.

In Gangtok, your accommodation will be at a 3-star hotel. Your accommodation will be on a twin sharing basis and if you would like to have a single room, upon request you are required to pay a single supplement price as stated in the trip costing. In Trekking, if in case of a single by default, we will arrange a single tent for you at no additional cost.


All meals are included during the trekking period

We will provide three meals a day (B, L, D) during the trek. Since this is a full camping trek, our kitchen crew will serve freshly prepared meals during the trek. We consider hearty and delicious meals as a key component to the overall success of our trip. You can and are encouraged to bring along comfort food that you enjoy eating – chocolates, power bars, dry fruits, candies, other snacks, etc.

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in advance and we will be sure to pass your message to your guide. For a gluten-free diet, we highly recommend you bring extra foods, especially for breakfast as your options for breakfast will be limited.

In Gangtok, only breakfast will be provided to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where and what and with whom to eat for lunch and dinner.

Typical Day

Daily wake-up calls will be between 6.00 am to 7.00 am while on the trek. The wake-up time and breakfast time will be decided the night before during the briefing time. The timetable for each day will entirely depend on your walking duration for that particular day.

Tea will be served at your tent as a wake-up call. After a hearty breakfast, we set off on the day’s walk. Before breakfast, you are required to pack your duffel bag as it will be loaded by the porter while you are having your breakfast. During the trek, Breakfast and Dinner will be served at the Camping where you stay and Lunch will be along the way. We will arrive at our destination by tea-time and the camp evening will be free. After dinner, the evening will often be spent playing cards and reliving the day’s adventures, before heading off to bed for a well-earned sleep.

Drinking water

We provide boiled water for drinking purpose on all our treks and climbs. During mealtime, you can ask the boys to fill the hot water for you. We strongly discourage the use of single-use plastic bottles such as mineral water on all our trips. Carrying a hot water bottle is highly recommended.

Equipment list

We encourage you to get all equipment listed below for the trip and kindly ensure you check and try every piece of equipment.

Clothing and Footwear:
→ Long-sleeved shirts
→ T-Shirts
→ Trousers
→ Warm Jackets/Sweater/Pullover
→ Waterproof jackets and trousers
→ Thermal
→ Inner-wears
→ Undergarments
→ Warm socks
→ Warm Hat, Gloves, and Bandana/Scarf
Extra clothes to wear in Kathmandu when you come back from the trek
→ Trekking shoes
→ Slippers/Flip flops to wear at camp
→ Daypack 30-35 liters (To carry your sunblock, water, camera, waterproof jackets, and others that you may require
while trekking)

→ Passport with visa and validity of 6 months after your trip completion
→ 4 copies of passport size photos for permits and official formalities
→ Travel Insurance (Please refer to the general information page for more detail about it)

Flight tickets:
→ Credit cards in case of emergencies
→ Driving ID or any other ID in case of loss of your passport.
(Please carry the photocopy of all the documents along with you and leave a copy to next of kin)

→ Headlamps with extra batteries
→ Sunglasses with UV protection
→ Camera with charger or spare batteries
→ A pair of trekking poles
→ Water bottle one (1) liter
→ Laundry bag to keep the dirty clothes
→ Large plastic bags to keep the clothes dry
→ Padlock
→ Binoculars
→ Reading materials, notebooks, and pens

Toiletries and hygiene:
→ Quick-drying towel
→ Small face towel
→ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
→ Deodorants, Soap and Shampoo (Smaller bottle)
→ Face and body moisturizer, Sunscreen, and lip balm
→ Hand sanitizer/Antiseptic wipes
→ Hygiene products
→ Basic first aid kit

The gears listed below will be provided by us for the trek. Down Jacket and Sleeping Bag must be returned after the completion of the trek.

→ Down Jacket (If required)
→ Sleeping bag (If required)
→ Duffel/Kit Bag (If required)

Important Note: Your safety is of imperative concern while traveling. Take care to note that your guide has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to your safety concerns. Every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary; however, since this adventure entails traveling in remote mountainous regions, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather, the health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters, etc., can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The trek guide will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan. but be prepared to be flexible if required.

Our Services are Inclusive

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Sikkim Goechala Trek

Trip Facts

  • 13N/14 Days
  • Moderate
  • 4,940m/16,207ft
  • Spring & Autumn
  • Bagdogra
  • Bagdogra
  • Private A/C vehicle
  • Fully tented camping
  • 2 Max 15


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