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The nature of visitors is different some want to travel alone, some want to travel in groups, some want to study, some want to do research. According to different visitors we divided the tour into several types. Family tours for family members, honeymoon tours for newlyweds, friends for friends, holiday-winter and summer vacation tours. You are requested to select which tour is suitable Here are tour type details.

Individual Tour

Private tours in Nepal are conducted for single visitors. For any reason, people are single and want to travel alone as per their desire and interest. Some people feel distracted and bored with groups. We offer full security, safe holiday activities for male, female or female solo visitors when you visit Nepal individually. When you want to visit Nepal with your friends and family but due to lack of time, lack of money they cannot be with you so you can travel individually.

Family Tour

This tour is specially designed for family members. It involves only one family member but some families like to join another family or two for interest and fun. We also conduct this tour in a family environment, hotel rooms, meals will give you a real family taste. You will feel friendly and familiar tour guide during your tour. The purpose of this type of visit is to enhance the relationship between families and family members by getting closer to each other during the visit. This Nepal family tour vacation will surely give you the perfect break from your daily hectic schedule to experience the adventure in the naturally beautiful Nepal. A family tour will be an experience of a lifetime for your family. You can explore different cultures, the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Friends Tour

This tour is designed for groups of friends. Our mission is to help you design your holidays in a country of natural beauty, kind and gentle and colorful people, ancient cultures of extreme diversity living together in harmony and tolerance and still following their ancient traditions, offering food gifts to please them. the gods. A friend tour is organized to join a group of friends of the same age, classmates, work buddies, net-friends, Facebook friends or visitors who are familiar and close to each other on such a tour. You can do adventure activities like rafting, trekking, motorcycle tour, cycling, driving, hiking, expedition, paragliding, hiking. We will organize this tour according to your wishes and interests.

Vacation Tour

Winter and summer are the best vacation seasons in Nepal. People leave for work, government offices, schools; Colleges are usually involved in this type of vacation tour. Winter is the best season to visit Nepal. Winters in Nepal are also very beautiful due to the extremely diverse climate found in the north and south of the country. Activities and places to visit also vary seasonally due to weather conditions and the importance of the location and activities. Depending on the interest of tourists, all kinds of natural, cultural or religious activities can be mixed in such tour packages. In winter tour packages you will offer to visit Kathmandu valley some historical and religious places, Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, Pokhara (famous heaven and heritage city) Chitwan (famous for jungle safari and wildlife) and Lumbini (birth place of Lord Buddha). In summer you are offered short treks to some historical and religious sites of Kathmandu valley, Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, Pokhara (famous paradise and heritage city), Annapurna region and Khumbu region.

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