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What is the difference between Trekking vs hiking?

What is the difference between Trekking vs hiking?

Do you know the difference between hiking and walking? Here is a brief description of hiking vs hiking. Trekking is a challenging and rewarding journey. It is difficult to accomplish or achieve but worth the difficulties. Trekking means going out into nature for several days to explore the destination in depth. It is an adventurous activity as it tests your physical stamina and ability. The main features of trekking are physical fitness, patience and many more. Trekking is the activity of trekking, camping, walking and traveling to different adventure places.

Hiking involves long, vigorous walks on any route or hiking trails for a day or overnight. It basically means walking in nature. Trekking is a type of walking but with some added qualities that make it more challenging and require different gear. Hiking is an outdoor activity. It is done especially for pleasure or exercise. It is worth noting that one of the best benefits of walking is that it contributes to increasing feelings of happiness, especially in people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and low self-esteem.

Trekking specifically refers to a journey on foot involving hardships and challenges. Trekking is a long walk where we get to explore and enjoy the scenery. The trek can be as short or long as the trekker likes. Trekking can improve your physical health to a great extent. It gives your whole body a workout and mastery.

Trekking includes:

  • Spending time in remote area
  • Multiple hours on trial
  • Higher altitude
  • Multi days
  • Climbing around
  • On foot/walking
  • Rock hoping
  • Ascending and descending hills

Hiking is an outdoor activity that involves walking in a natural environment as a recreational activity, usually with hiking boots on. Walking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, is convenient, and does not require any special equipment, especially for people with sedentary and sedentary lifestyles. The ability to walk a considerable distance without overtiring increases the enjoyment of activities such as nature walks, all kinds of trips, and even sightseeing. It provides opportunities for exercise, improving physical fitness, increasing environmental awareness, improving heart health, strengthening your core, socializing, learning, expanding ideas, improving mental health and much more.

Hiking includes:

  • Long walk for a day or overnight
  • Going up and down hills
  • Occurs in areas of high elevation
  • Hike on established hiking trails and footpath

Difference between trekking and hiking:

Hiking is long distance walks along specific trails or any paths, looped marked trials or even destination hikes which doesn’t have to involve specific destination

  1. Hiking doesn’t require various equipment and preparation.
  2. Hiking involves long walk in nature for a day or overnight.
  3. Hiking is done on established hiking trails or footpaths.
  4. Hiking is cheap in cost.
  5. Short walk for a day and return back to same walking point.
  6. Hiking requires less time investment.
  7. It requires less physical and mental strength.


  1. Trekking is long vigorous walk which always includes specific destination.
  2. Trekking requires more equipment and preparedness of the person doing it.
  3. Trekking involves long vigorous walk-in natural environment usually for more than two days, as long as it takes to get to the destination.
  4. Trekking is done on cross-country hiking trails, mountain trails or areas without any roads in complete uninhabited or uncultivated region.
  5. Trekking is expensive in cost.
  6. It takes little more planning as you are self-navigating, you need to map your route and make yourself familiar with weather
  7. Patterns and other dangers which will occur during your trek.
  8. It is a long journey for multi-day.
  9. Trekking requires more time investment.
  10. It requires more physical and mental strength

Trail in Nepal

Everest base camp trek is high altitude treks in mountain of Nepal. This route takes adventurous trekkers to the foot of mount Everest which is highest mountain on world that is called Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in Tibetan. Along with breathtaking scenery, travelers can experience local culture which are unique

Annapurna circuit trek
Annapurna base camp trek
Manaslu circuit trek
Langtang valley trek
Langtang Gosaikunda trek
Kanchenjunga base camp trek

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