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What is Trekking and Mountaineering?

What is Trekking and Mountaineering?


Nepal is the most popular destination for many travelers to enjoy fun activities. When Everest was first opened to foreigners in the 1950s, the tourism industry was not as developed as it is today. Rugged trekking was a popular option for Nepal trekking back then, where the tourism industry has developed so much that nowadays you can find many luxurious lodges and hotels. Some of these areas offer homestay trekking services that allow you to experience the local culture first-hand and taste the local cuisine. New roads are being built in popular trekking areas such as Annapurna, making the wilderness of these areas more accessible. Hence you can choose both tea house trekking and camping trek mode to explore the area. Apart from the altitude, trekking in Nepal does not offer many challenges.

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Mountaineering is now another adventure for travelers. It is the best opportunity for travelers to climb the peak and reach Mt. Everest in an easy way. When it comes to such activities, travelers manage a high level of confidence and ability to survive any kind of weather conditions. We help you learn ropes, crampons, ice axes and other appropriate techniques to easily climb the desired peak. Climbers should achieve the goal only by using ideal objects with high technical training and skills.

The activity allows trekkers to climb and walk on snowy and rocky terrain. You can manage proper physical and mental health. Climbing the peak requires a high level of skill set. Travelers choose the best activity for their needs. You can carry the necessary accessories for the activity. We guide travelers to use important tools and equipment correctly without any problem. So, you can access the right resource and learn more about various adventure activities.

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