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Which Company for Everest Region Trek

Search Everest region Trek in google and there are about 7,870,000 results displayed. So, which one is it you are searching for? Which one offers the services you are looking for? Reaching the base camp of the world’s highest mountain can be the most memorable adventure of your life. To make your Everest dream come true you must carefully approach in choosing the company for Everest region Trek.

The trek to Everest region is definitely a lifetime experience. Ask anyone who has done it and they will definitely encourage you to do it. The trek is enriched with marvellous scenery, rich Sherpa culture & heritage and the self-achievement of reaching the region of world’s highest mountain. Due to its popularity, the number of trekkers going to Everest is increasing over the period and so are the number of outfitters offering the Everest region Trek.

Each outfitter (Local and International) offer the trek in their own style catering to the needs of travellers. If you are a first-timer, you are likely to get confused with all the options of Everest region Trek you are being provided by different outfitters.

So, getting your research done before inquiring is important as this will help you to differentiate everything you are being offered to. Know what you want to do, where you want to go, when you want to go and so on. Once this is done search the companies on the internet, ask your friends/families who have done the trek for a recommendation, discuss with your travel partner. And finally, decide which one you feel more confident about as the company for Everest region trek.

Once you have decided, begin the training for Everest region trek, it is a challenging trek and demands good physical fitness.

So, what makes us stand out from all the companies offering Everest region trek?

Read below to find out the top 10 reasons to choose ALPINETRAV Treks and Expeditions for Everest region trekking.

1. Experience counts

With a small and cohesive team on board whose experiences dates back to years, we are proud to call ourselves A High-Altitude Adventure Travel Operator. Most of our trek leaders are a certified mountain leader and our trekking and peak climbing guides are all trained under standards.

2. All inclusive trip

We believe in cost that has a no-frills policy. Unlike other operators, we offer all-inclusive treks, meaning everything is in the included. All you pay is the final payment and there are no hidden costs afterwards. The trek includes food and accommodation, domestic airfare including airport transfer, guide and porter wages, Kathmandu accommodation, and permits.

3. A well-paced itinerary

Everest region trek is a challenging trek reaching up to an elevation of 17500 ft. Being physically fit is definitely important but you do not need any previous experience to take part. This is due to the well-paced itinerary we have allowed for the Everest region trek. Our itineraries are properly devised keeping every aspect in mind. More acclimatization, well-paced walking hours, less trodden route, good campsites, views are all taken into considerate while devising a perfect itinerary.

4. Qualified guides

Most of our guides are born in the mountainous region of Nepal. Our guides are trained respectively under the standard of for the trekking and climbing guides.

5. High staff ratio

We provide a high staff to client ratio on all our treks. We provide 1 experienced guide, assistant guides and porters as per the group size on all our trips. For every 4 participants, there will be 1 assistant guide and for every 2 participants, there will be 1 porter.

6. Safety

Safety is always a priority while travelling with AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions. On all our Everest base treks no matter what group size, we carry a Comprehensive medical kit for an emergency. Our guides are trained to deal with emergencies and we have an on-call doctor to 24/7 support team available during the season time.

7. Use of Equipment

We provide every trekker with the use of quality equipment. You do not need to buy down jacket, sleeping bag and duffel bag for the trek. After your arrival in Kathmandu, we provide each trekker with the use of down jacket, sleeping bag and waterproof duffel bag. Find out the list of equipment for Everest region trek.

8. Great reviews

Reviews are a great source to determine the quality and assurance of the company. Find out our reviews on the world’s largest travel site. You can also find the reviews of each trip including Everest region on our site.

9. Success rate

We take great pride in sharing that we have a 95% success rate on our Everest base camp trek. It is one of the main reason why most people choose us as their preferred company for Everest region trek. We offer a well-paced itinerary, quality service, experienced team of guides and this had led to our higher client’s success ratio. Having a properly planned itinerary and experienced guides who are able to cater to your needs is another major factor to your success rate.

10. Private Trip

You are a solo traveller we are completely able to accommodate your request on your preferred dates. We would also be happy to tailor the itinerary or services as per your preferences at your desired date.

Get in touch with us now to turn your dream trek to Everest region into a reality. We specialize in expeditions, peak climbing, base camp treks, off the beaten treks and leisure tours.

With a top-notch team on board, we look forward to guiding you in the Himalayas.

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