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Choose to journey with a local company, make your trip worthwhile. Expert travel advice, unique itineraries and exciting trips that are a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy flexible private tours and tailor-made personalized packages that match your perfect vacation idea.

Safety priority and Service paramount:

Our safeguards are relatively out of place, because we’ve seen it all, done it all. We know that if you go unprepared for a high altitude trek, it’s always a risk above the tree-lines that the altitude can do. And we risk assess and double-check our itineraries before sending our guests because we want to make sure the trip has enough time for potential trekkers and climbers. We use strict standards that focus more on planning and risk assessment.

We ensure that our services are paramount and personalized and it is important that only the best is provided to our clients as this is a hilly business where risks are high. Our services also include advising our guests on how to prepare for travel, especially to remote areas and climbing peaks. It is imperative for us to encourage our clients to undergo a medical routine before embarking on any potential journey above 4000m. When you book a trip with AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions, you are not just a customer, you are a parent, a brother/sister, a very close friend – simply put – you are family; And all our security preferences and services are based entirely on this relationship.

Small Group, Big Adventures:

The planet is big enough for everyone to explore and its human nature is big enough to check out the wild outback. But the world is a big place. And love to learn different languages, with borders and cultures parley. A limited group of adventurers makes travel easier and allows you to make better use of the precious time you have. Logistics is not a barrier to overcome; And you can focus all your energy on exploring the unknown for the experience of a lifetime. At AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions, our groups are small enough to give you the personal feel of discovering a destination independently, but large enough to get comfortable socially. Group sizes vary depending on where and how we are traveling, but our average group size is about 12 people. Experience has taught us a great deal about letting yourself connect with the people you meet without feeling like you’re just another member of the group. We know how over the years in our itineraries, operations and accommodations. So why spend hours agonizing over every detail of your unassisted trip when you can leave it to a company that accommodates and understands your travel style. The smaller the group you are, the more united you are and that makes a stronger family.

Custom and Tailor Made Trips:

Our deeply tailored programs are well thought out to suit your needs. At AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions, we use our years of deep experience to organize tours and treks that truly suit your needs. Whether you are in a group or individually looking for budget tours, luxury tours, or treks and expeditions in the mountains; We have the expertise to offer you the best and match your expectations. This is the most important thing, we count. All the trips we plan for you are tailored not only to your needs, but also to your interests. Our special itineraries are ready to go longer or shorter depending on your time frame and the type of travel you want to do. We combine one event with another to give you an exciting mix of history, outdoors and even safaris in the mix; All worked out properly to give you the most in the shortest possible time. Our website is designed to give you some practical browsing time so that you may be encouraged & develop ideas to assist you work out custom tailor made holidays that enhance your vacations right to the core.

Responsible Tourism:

The world is a pretty mind-boggling but wonderful place, and God put his heart into creating this planet; We want to contribute to keeping it that way. All we have to do is be aware of the environment, a little softer stride. Sustainable travel doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy ourselves. This means that fun can be used to benefit others. With respect. AlpineTrav Treks & Expeditions is committed to maintaining our credibility, living up to our values and ensuring that our business is run with a set platform of principles. It is to operate responsibly, incorporating the principles of sustainable development in the way we deliver down-to-earth experiences to our passengers. However, these values are not the only words in the file in the record; They are embedded in the culture and daily operations of all our enterprises; In cities and mountains. In addition, we expect our staff and passengers to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel – respecting people, culture and the local environment; on the distribution of property; on good will and intercultural partnership; And to contribute to sustainable development, where we give back more than we take.

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