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Customized Tour:
The tour packages we have are flexible. Our tour packages in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan can be customized. We create tour packages according to your travel plans and budget.
Professional Service:
We have a team of experienced and fully trained trekking guides with all necessary equipment to make your trip memorable and safe. Each trip can be tailor made to suit your needs allowing flexibility for arrivals and departures.
Safety & Adventure:
As we have 25 years experienced guides, we ensure that you will witness an adventure of a lifetime. Yet, our team of tour and trek experts known to offer best trekking guide in Nepal, always ascertain your safety first. We are experienced in Guiding to Solo and Senior Citizen Trekkers.
Sustainable and eco-friendly tours:
Mountains are fragile places. They are islands of culture –some of them have developed in isolationfor over 1,000 years. We are honoured to share these cultures with you. We trek responsibly, without disturbing the environment or the culture. We also have special tours that allow you to put back into the local community.
Guaranteed price with no hidden costs:
There are some people who think that they can save money by trekking independently. But lodges, food and other expenses in the mountains can add up. Cut out the middleman by booking direct with us. We get the best rates with local knowledge and pass on the group savings to you. Our trek itineraries are fixed price, with no any hidden charges.
Repeated Customers:
We have a good number of repeated customers from different countries. We form a personal connection with most of our clients; we use our public skills to turn clients into lasting friends and repeated customers. We form these bonds by showing genuine interest in the input our clients have and try and understand their needs for the travel and deliver the best to them. Additionally, the reason for these connections has led to our business through word of mouth and we take pride in the trust we have been able to form.